Our Approach

We are a small business and very proud of what we have achieved so far. As we grow we are constantly looking at where we can improve and how we can have a positive impact on the environment and the people who work with us.

We are currently working on and developing our sustainability strategy and are growing at a pace we can sustain and this also plays a part in the decisions we make. We have a collection based model not season based that allows us to slow down what we do here and design collections and capsules that fit in with our creative and design ethos.  

An understanding that we create consciously and work better when we work at a pace that’s kind to Ranginui, Papatūānuku, Te Taiao and us.

Great design, quality fabrics and clothing that is well-made, treasured and kept for many years make the garment less likely to end up in landfills. We love to create and love using natural fibers, viscose fabrics and recycled fabrics. We are Fur and Leather free and are committed to supporting the local industry by manufacturing in Aotearoa.

Increasing manufacturing costs and the rise of fast fashion and cheap imports have severely impacted the industry over the last few decades. We still have highly skilled machinists, pattern makers, fabric suppliers etc here all operating in a very small market. By manufacturing in Aotearoa and investing in these skills we are all helping grow and support this amazing industry. 

We currently source our fabrics from fabric wholesalers in Aotearoa who source designers end of line stock and dead-stock fabrics. Being a smaller size company, this suits us the best at the moment as minimums and costs to order our own fabrics or to import ourselves are very high and we can not meet these quantities and costs. We rely on the information from fabric wholesalers to trace our fabrics to the mills. As part of our sustainable strategy In 2022 we are looking at increasing the amount of fabrics we use that are traceable, organic and recycled. This means we will be able to trace the fabrics back to the where they are grown and the supply chain. We will also be able to start working with fabrics that are kinder and gentler on you and the environment. As we implement these changes we will keep updating and sharing our progress.  

We believe everybody should be treated with dignity and respect and we want to have a positive impact on those we meet, work with and our precious planet. 

Ngā mihi,