As a small business we are very proud of our achievements so far and are constantly looking at improvements. Our aim is to have a positive impact on the environment and the people we work with. 

Sustainable Fashion is often seen as contradictory. The desire for new trends and bigger profit fuels fast-paced production and consumption, leading to waste and environmental harm. Slow fashion advocates for responsible consumption and production, offering an alternative to the traditional fashion industry.

We are a slow fashion brand with a collection based model (not seasonal) that allows us to slow down, produce less and design more thoughtful collections for longevity that fit in with our creative and design ethos. We are developing our sustainable strategy and partnering with like minded organisations, growing at a pace that is more sustainable and aligned to our values.

“Great design, quality fabrics and
clothing that is well-made, treasured and kept for many years make the garment less likely to end up in landfills”.

Proudly designed in New Zealand and manufactured here and offshore. Our partnerships are currently in NZ and China. We are mindful of who we work with, selecting our partners for their quality, skillset and work environment.

Understanding that when we create consciously and work at a pace that’s kind to Ranginui, Papatūānuku and Te Taiao leads to better outcomes. We believe everybody should be treated with dignity and respect and we want to have a positive impact on those we meet, work with and our precious planet.

Nga mihi,

Pania xo