Collection: 04 ORACLE

The Oracle collection
Is about Intuition
your inner guidance system
another way of knowing 
honouring the patterns and cycles of life
the energy and vibration of nature
feeling the answers in your body
Pania xo

The Delphi dress is inspired by the Oracle of Delphi. With back splits exposing the spine to the elements heightening your awareness. Made in a soft Modal fabric with embroidery at the base of the spine.
Know thyself - Inscribed above the temple of Apollo at Delphi

Envisioning your future and trusting your inner knowing. Saint Rémy Shirt named after the birthplace of Nostradamus. Beautiful Crisp cotton tailored shirt. Center back opening with tie and embroidery on back placket. The Aonui pattern embroidered on the center back placket represents our connection to Te Taioa and understanding of the natural world.

Stella Futures! New bright star energy. The power suit to stand in your brightness and shine. Gently tailored with split in jacket sleeves and at the hem of pants. Embroidery detail on sleeve and pant leg.